Saudi Arabia Raises Awareness on Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Saudi Arabia Raises Awareness on Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Tuesday, 13 March, 2018 - 09:15
Riyadh - Asharq Al-Awsat
The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center launched a campaign to raise awareness on fuel-efficient cars, affirming that fuel efficiency difference could reach 37 percent between two vehicles: a van of excellent performance in fuel consumption and a four-wheel family drive of bad performance in fuel consumption with both using 91 octane gas.

Modern vehicles vary in terms of saving energy due to the used technologies in the vehicle, revealed the campaign.

The campaign called for reading the fuel rationalizing card for soft vehicles when wishing to purchase a new vehicle, in which the card shows the fuel rationalization level of each vehicle model -- the green color indicates excellent rationalization and the red color indicates the lowest level of rationalization.

The card is divided into two categories based on the vehicle usage: automobiles (Sedan, Minivan, small buses for ten or less passengers) and heavy trucks card (four wheel drive, pick-up, small buses for more than ten passengers and cargo-van).

The light-duty fuel rationalizing card consists of: manufacturer name, commercial label of the vehicle, engine capacity, model year, vehicle type, fuel efficiency level, fuel type in addition to the Quick Response code.

Earlier, the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center launched the largest campaign of its kind (#to remain) to raise awareness of energy conservation.

The campaign aims to show importance of rationalizing energy consumption and the best usage of it in order to guarantee that it remains.

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