YouTube Helps Discover, Boost Children’s Professional Dreams

YouTube Helps Discover, Boost Children’s Professional Dreams

Tuesday, 13 March, 2018 - 07:00
A picture illustration shows YouTube on a smartphone. (Reuters)
Berlin, London - Asharq Al-Awsat
Parents can use YouTube to discover and develop their children’s professional dreams and ambitions, especially in the field of ​​information technology, said a German education expert.

Andreas Piper, a researcher at the Federal Institute for Education and Vocational Education in Germany, said that when asked about the career they wanted to pursue, in the past, teenagers used to say “everything can be done through acquaintances and intermediates.”

However, today they say that “everything can be done with YouTube” given the prevalence of technology in all aspects of daily life, reported the German News Agency (dpa).

Piper explained that since not everyone can become a YouTube star. A child’s professional dreams should be discovered and the right training should be introduced to them through this platform.

The German expert pointed out that there are many jobs in the information and technology sector, such as technical expert, software developer or online retail businessperson.

If a child shows interest in digital programs and games, then directing him towards computer science and teaching him its practical skills would be a good start for his career.

As for YouTube fans, it would be wise to train them on the media industry, or to direct them towards the beauty sector, given the thousands of beauty tutorials and guides found on the video platform.

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