Houthis Confiscate Gas Trucks, Urge Locals to Purchase Wood

Houthis Confiscate Gas Trucks, Urge Locals to Purchase Wood

Thursday, 8 March, 2018 - 13:00
Yemeni child sits beside a bunch of wood, amid the domestic gas crisis. AFP
Riyadh - Abdul Hadi Habtoor
Houthi insurgent militia leaders asked the Yemeni people to substitute the use of domestic gas, which is undergoing a shortage in Sanaa, with wood, saying that the use of wood would provide thousands of job opportunities.

These calls were met with total rejection by locals who held the pro-Iran Houthi militias fully responsible for the shortage of oil and gas derivatives and transferring them into the black market so that the militias leaders would benefit from them financially and accumulate a wealth on the expense of people.

Although Yemeni sources affirmed that more than 40 gas carriers exited Maarib towards Sanaa and the rest of northern provinces ruled by Houthis, the domestic gas crisis continues to aggravate on a daily basis. Sources added that the price of gas cylinder hiked to YER10000 ($21) from YER4600 ($9).

Houthi leader Mohammad Sharafeddin commented on the gas crisis, saying that it is for the best interest of the country to return wood to the market, and to create job opportunities for thousands.

Further, a rights report archived 22 deaths due to torture by Houthis in regions ruled by them. It noted that torture is occurring on a wide scope in prisons and detention centers.

The report issued by Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (YCMHRV) affirmed that all victims who died due to torture are civilians and haven’t been involved in military activities – most of them are farmers, fishers, teachers, students, activists and workers, and they are all married and have children.

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