Yemeni Army Thwarts Houthi attacks on Taiz, Midi, Hodeidah Fronts

Yemeni Army Thwarts Houthi attacks on Taiz, Midi, Hodeidah Fronts

Thursday, 8 March, 2018 - 10:00
Houthis supporters hold their weapons in Sanaa, Yemen November 10, 2016. (File Photo: REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah)
Sanaa - Asharq Al-Awsat
Dozens of Houthi militants were killed and injured on Wednesday during clashes with the Yemeni army and air raids of the Arab coalition to support the legitimacy on the fronts of Hodeidah, Nahm, Taiz, Sorouh, Dhale and Medi.

The air defense system of the Arab coalition intercepted two Houthi ballistic missiles launched towards Maerib, as security sources in the city confirmed the destruction of the missiles in the airspace without any damage.

Meanwhile, Yemeni army officially asserted its control of four strategic areas in Razih district, northwest of Saada province, less than 30 kilometers north of Maran, hometown of Houthis' leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

The army's official website reported that the government forces in Taiz thwarted a Houthi violent attack in the vicinity of the presidential palace east of the city.

Coalition airstrikes killed at least 15 Houthis, according to the same military source, while targeting their positions in al-Maamad between al-Sarahem village and east of al-Enin in Jabal Habashi.

The strikes destroyed Houthis' weapons in their strongholds in Taiz airport, east of the city.

Meanwhile, official sources confirmed at least 30 militants were killed in clashes with government forces and intensive raids of Arab coalition on West Coast fronts, south of Hodeidah.

According to September Net website, the army forces thwarted Houthi attempts to advance, killing 30 of them and wounding dozens others, north of Hais district.

Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes launched a number of airstrikes targeting militias’ positions and reinforcements in al-Garahi and al-Tahyta districts, leaving dozens killed and injured, military sources told September Net.

According to field sources, Houthi commander Mahmoud Yahya al-Dulai was killed in a raid on Wednesday during the air raid on Garahi, south Hodeidah. Dulai was one of the militias' coastal front engineering, explosives, and mine specialists.

In Midi, north-west of Hajjah, the army thwarted another Houthi attack, and according to the Media Center of the Fifth Military Region of the Yemeni Army, the forces led by the commander of the area, Major General Yahya Salah, engaged in heavy clashes with militias.

The center confirmed the killing of seven militants in the clashes, while the official army website said the number of deaths reached ten, in addition to dozens of wounded.

The fighters also destroyed Houthi targets north of Dhale, at the site of Hamri, in Arfaf district.

The air strikes, according to September Net, killed at least five Houthis and wounded others, and destroyed a tank, heavy machine guns, and a number of weapons and ammunition.

Other strikes targeted Houthis clusters and strongholds in Sarwah district, west of Mearib, killing 15 at least who were on the strategic Hillan mountain range.

Coalition also targeted ammunition depots and two combat units of Houthi militias in different areas of Nahm district, northeast of Sanaa, killing and injuring a number of Houthis and destroying a number of weapons and ammunition.

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