Egypt: Foreign Ministry Continues Elections' Preparations for Residents Living Abroad

Egypt: Foreign Ministry Continues Elections' Preparations for Residents Living Abroad

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 - 10:45
An Egyptian voter enters a polling center during the second day of voting in the presidential election, in Cairo, Egypt, May 2014 (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)
Cairo - Asharq Al-Awsat
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry continued on Tuesday preparations for the presidential elections, which will be held for voters living abroad over three consecutive days that begin on March 16.

The elections are to be held abroad in 139 subcommittees of Egypt’s diplomatic and consular missions around the world. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, nearly 10 million Egyptians live abroad, but only people aged 18-years-old and above and registered in the voters’ database are entitled to vote.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Loza, a member of the National Elections Commission and the head of the General Committee overseeing the voting committees of the Egyptians voting abroad, Judge Yasser Al-Maabidi, inaugurated on Tuesday the training course for the members participating in the presidential elections abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that within the framework of coordination between the National Electoral Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare for the voting of Egyptians abroad in the presidential elections of 2018, it was decided to organize intensive training for about 140 members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be sent to the missions to help manage the electoral process.

It should be noted that the elections for Egyptians at home will be held for three consecutive days beginning on March 26.

The number of eligible voters in Egypt is estimated at 60 million people.

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