Lebanon: Higher Judicial Council Calls for Prosecution of Wiam Wahhab

Lebanon: Higher Judicial Council Calls for Prosecution of Wiam Wahhab

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 - 10:45
Lebanese actor Ziad Itani. (AFP)
Beirut- Asharq Al Awsat
Higher Judicial Council announced Tuesday its intention to prosecute former Minister Wiam Wahhab for offending judicial authorities and questioning their work during a televised appearance last week.

The Council asked the public prosecutor to initiate public proceedings against Arab Tawhid Party Chief Wahhab and carry out the necessary investigations after the former minister criticized the judiciary during an episode of Ousbou fi Saa on al-Jadeed TV.

The council released a statement saying that it discussed the episode in question and was surprised with the attack on the judiciary with both its authorities and individuals, by one of the participants, namely Wahhab. In light of the gravity and seriousness of such actions, the council requested the Attorney General to the Court of Cassation to conduct the necessary investigations and work to bring a lawsuit against relevant parties.

During the TV program, Wahhab accused certain judges of corruption in a number of cases, including one against actor Ziad Itani. Wahhab described some of the public prosecutors as corrupt and threatened to “remove the eye” of any judge trying to wrongly prosecute him in any case.

Earlier this week, evidence emerged that proved that Itani fell victim to a plot hatched by Susan Hajj Hobeiche, former head of Lebanese Anti-Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau.

Itani was accused of being recruited by a female Israeli intelligence agent, but investigations revealed that the “Israeli women” was, in fact, a hacker operating from within Lebanese territories.

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