Rouhani Describes Critics as 'Naive'

Rouhani Describes Critics as 'Naive'

Monday, 5 March, 2018 - 08:00
Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Reuters
London - Asharq Al-Awsat
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed his critics describing them as naive, at the 50th annual meeting for the General Assembly of the Central Bank of the Republic of Iran.

He considered that slamming the government is an attempt to undermine its “achievements” and is a war on national interest and public trust – the parliament responded in a quick warning while the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee spokesperson stated that it is inappropriate that the president offend his critics.

Rouhani, again, defended his government policies, considering that it has achieved the “big dreams” of the Iranian economy throughout the past two decades with the inflation dropping from 40 percent to less than 10 percent.

The parliament is preparing for the first probe with Rouhani due to two prosecution requests that were signed by parliament. The first request was signed by 76 deputies on Feb. 7 and it aims to question him regarding the bankruptcy of financial and investment institutions.

The second request was signed by more than 100 on Feb. 22 and it included topics such as smuggling, unemployment and increase in prices.

Rouhani didn’t comment on the investigation requests, which might cause a political deterioration of his government and his role – he might be obliged to compensate and change his economic team formation and the central bank governor in order to maintain the minister of economic affairs and finance, said observers.

Rouhani's defense coincided with protests held in different Iranian cities by investors who have lost their money due to the bankruptcy of financial and investment institutions.

The latest protest was on Saturday in which dozens of Iranians shouted “death to Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani”.

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