International Conference in Dubai: Men Compete with Women in Beauty Clinics

International Conference in Dubai: Men Compete with Women in Beauty Clinics

Friday, 2 March, 2018 - 06:45
Cosmetic surgery among men is on the rise / Shutterstock
Dubai, London - Asharq Al-Awsat
Participants at an international conference in Dubai confirmed that men are competing with women in visiting beauty clinics in the Arab region, raising the profits and revenues of this sector by 50%.

Participants at the International Symposium for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which kicked off Wednesday in Dubai, said men seek surgeries related to liposuction, abdominal muscle augmentation, and body shape improvement, as well as plastic surgery involving nose and face, reported the German News Agency.

The two-day conference is being organized by the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society (EPSS), and under the patronage of the Dubai Health Authority and Sigma Company, with the participation of 250 plastic surgeons from 23 Arab, European, Asian, and American countries.

The conference discusses the latest global developments in cosmetic surgery, and the newest technologies, therapeutic methods, and complementary and cosmetic procedures.

The two-day conference held at the InterContinental Festival City Dubai Hall will be accompanied by an exhibition featuring plastic surgery techniques, lectures about the dangers of unjustified cosmetics, and how to prevent the dangers of cosmetic surgery by non-specialists.

"The conference comes at a time when the world is witnessing an active movement and successive developments in the field of cosmetic surgery, accompanied by a rapid growth in the demand for such operations, which have captured the interest of individuals and communities.

Cosmetic surgeries have become among the most vital medical specialties," said Humaid Al Qatami, chairman of the Board and director-general of the Dubai Health Authority.

Qatami pointed out that cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries have ranked among the most important medical specialties, so the authority seeks to boost Dubai’s role in this field, in line with the emirate’s aim to attract more than 500 thousand health tourists by 2020, and in accordance with Dubai’s vision and aspirations to lead the map of health tourism.

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