Egyptian Military Orders Arrest of Former Head of Central Auditing Organization

Egyptian Military Orders Arrest of Former Head of Central Auditing Organization

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 - 07:15
Hesham Genena (Amr Nabil/AP Photo)
Cairo - Asharq Al-Awsat
Egyptian military prosecutors on Tuesday ordered former head of the Central Auditing Organization detained for 15 days for questioning over allegations that he had threatened to publish documents damning the state.

The military prosecution decided to detain and investigate Judge Hisham Genena, sources stated.

Genena is being investigated over comments he had allegedly made that former military chief-of-staff Sami Anan possessed documents damning top officials. He told HuffPost Arabi that Anan, currently in prison, might leak the files if he is formally charged with a crime by military prosecutors or was hurt. However, Anan's lawyer Naser Amin denied these allegations.

On Monday, the Supreme Committee of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said it will launch an investigation into Genena's remarks claiming Anan held secret "documents and evidence" that would undermine the country and its leadership.

“The armed forces will use all the rights it is guaranteed by the constitution to protect national security and preserve the country’s honor and dignity,” said an army spokesman.

Genena was taken from his home by police on Tuesday morning to the military prosecutors’ office, his family said.

Genena's daughter Nada told Reuters that 30 security personnel have taken her father from his New Cairo home, saying she does not know his whereabouts. This was also confirmed by Genena's lawyer Taha Ali.

Anan’s lawyer criticized Genena's statement on his Facebook page saying it was “completely untrue”, without specifying which remarks he was referring to.

“We will take all necessary legal measures against anyone who makes media statements on Anan’s words and actions which harm his legal position,” the lawyer Amin wrote.

In January, Genena joined the campaign of Anan who planned to run against Abdul Fattah el-Sisi in the March presidential election.

Anan was arrested on January 23 and days later Genena was attacked outside his home that lies on the southeastern border of the capital Cairo in what he said was a failed kidnapping attempt by thugs working on behalf of the government. However, the defendants claimed a fight broke out after their cars crashed.

Genena was Egypt’s anti-corruption chief until he was sacked and prosecuted in 2016 for exposing widespread government fraud.

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