Libyan Lawmakers Reject Use of Gadhafi Assets in UK

Libyan Lawmakers Reject Use of Gadhafi Assets in UK

Friday, 9 February, 2018 - 09:00
The British House of Lords. (Getty Images)
Cairo - Jamal Jawhar
Libyan lawmakers and experts rejected a UK House of Lords motion to approve a bill to benefit from Libyan frozen credits in London and offer them as compensations to victims of the Provisional Irish Republican Army attacks.

The topic was brought to light after The Independent newspaper reported that the House of Lords will soon approve a bill to establish a fund of compensations for British households of victims who died in the attacks.

The compensations will be taken from Moammar al-Gadhafi’s frozen assets in UK that are worth 9.5 billion pounds.

Libyan parties rushed to warn from the loss of these assets.

MP Essam al-Jihani said that Libya had plunged into chaos after the February 17, 2011 revolution. Some countries want it to remain in chaos so that it cannot defend its rights or demand that the funds be returned.

Jihani declared to Asharq Al-Awsat that some countries seek a weak Libyan government so that it can be easily controlled by external parties.

MP Abu Bakr Baira saw that Gadhafi had committed some miscalculations due to his political immaturity, or his misunderstanding of the global policies mechanisms. He added that the former leader had wasted huge sums of the Libyan people’s money in these miscalculations and exported large amounts of explosive material to the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

“Some powerful countries forced Gadhafi to pay compensations to their affected nationals, but the UK failed to do so,” he added.

The Sun newspaper said that even though American, French and German families were compensated, none in the UK (a total of 300) received anything and their rights have been denied.

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