Israel Names New Jordan Envoy After Diplomatic Crisis

Israel Names New Jordan Envoy After Diplomatic Crisis

Thursday, 8 February, 2018 - 13:00
Jordanian security forces stand guard outside the Israeli embassy in Amman on July 23, 2017 after an Israeli embassy guard fatally shot two Jordanians. Khalil Mazraawi / AFP
Asharq Al Awsat
Israel has nominated a new ambassador to Jordan, the foreign ministry announced, bringing to an end a months-long dispute sparked by a deadly shooting.

Israel's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Amir Weissbrod, head of the ministry's Middle East bureau, would be appointed head of mission to Amman pending government approval.

The foreign ministry named Amir Weissbrod as the new ambassador, the first since the incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman led the Jewish state to withdraw its staff.

On July 23, a security guard at the embassy shot dead a Jordanian worker who had stabbed him in the back with a screwdriver after coming to an apartment to install furniture, according to the Israeli foreign ministry.

A second Jordanian, the apartment's landlord, was also shot dead -- apparently by accident.

The embassy was closed after July's incident, and Israel's ambassador returned to Israel along with the guard involved. The guard, who claimed self-defense, was briefly questioned by investigators in Jordan before returning to Israel along with the rest of the embassy staff where he received a hero's welcome at home, angering Jordanians.

The shooting triggered a crisis between the two countries, which signed a peace treaty in 1994 and cooperate on security and other issues.

The incident and Israeli response sparked widespread anger in Jordan, and Amman later said it would not allow the embassy staff to return until Israel opened a serious investigation and offered an apology.

An agreement was reached in January in which Israel expressed regret over the shooting and agreed to offer compensation for the victims, according to media reports.

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab nations that have peace treaties with Israel.

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