Saudi Shura Council Approves Studying Proposals on Amending National Citizenship Law

Saudi Shura Council Approves Studying Proposals on Amending National Citizenship Law

Wednesday, 7 February, 2018 - 11:30
Journalists is being shown the auditorium of the Saudi Arabia's Shura Council headquarters. (Image: Reuters)
Riyadh- Nayef Al Rasheed
The Saudi Shura Council, Consultative Assembly, approved on Tuesday studying two proposals, submitted by a number of former and current council members, for introducing amendments to the Saudi Citizenship Law.

The Council adopted its decision to review the proposals during an ordinary session headed by Shura Council Chairman Dr. Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al ash-Sheikh after having heard a commission's report on the two proposals.

Based on the board's decision to examine the amendments in detail, it will then prepare a comprehensive report for the Council to discuss various aspects and thereon to take the appropriate decision.

For his part, Ata al-Sibiti, head of the security committee in the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the feasibility of studying the proposal is important and that the committee worked silently until it passed this stage.

"Due to the importance of this subject, the committee took time to study it in depth," he said, praising the efforts of former members who submitted the proposals on the subject.

The member of the Shura Council said that the appropriateness of the study of this proposal represents a real beginning to issue a final decision in this regard, revealing meetings with the security authorities during the coming period to take their views and opinion.

"We hope that these views will be reflected in the final decision, and we hope that these measures will not be prolonged. Any amendments should take some time. We may need to hold a roundtable within the Council to discuss the suitability of this study.”

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